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An assessment of your manuscript, focussed on highlighting any major issues that might still need significant work.


A full copy and line edit of your unpublished manuscript. I’ll focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar, on ways to tighten or improve the flow of your writing, and on some narrative and structural issues.


A free beta read of your early draft. I will return roughly one page of notes providing honest, constructive feedback.

About the Otherworld

It’s been called many names. Narnia. Fairy Land. Avalon. The ancient Celts called it the Otherworld. As a child, I was always fascinated by stories about this magical world, right next to ours, which we can sometimes slip into – if only we can find the way. It was only as an adult that I realised that this world exists. In fact, I’ve been there many times.

Anyone who reads knows the feeling of finishing a really great book. For a moment, you’re almost lost. Disorientated. The journey you’ve been on has come to an end. You’re back in the real world. It’s exactly how Alice must have felt as she woke up to realise she wasn’t in Wonderland anymore. It’s exactly how anyone would feel when, for the last few hours, they’ve been in the Otherworld.

The Otherworld is where the stories are. The doorway: the imagination of every writer who knows how to bring those stories to life.

As someone with a deep passion for English literature, I’ve spent a lifetime exploring the Otherworld. I know its history, geography, and population. The Otherworld is my favourite place. I can’t wait to travel through it with you.

Words from my clients:

Laura has an incredible eye for detail — not just for the obvious spelling and grammar — but also for story.
Every book I’ve worked on with her is much, much better for her input, because she ‘gets’ my story. Plus, she’s a lovely person to work with, which makes the whole editing process that much nicer. Highly recommended! 
Hailey Griffiths
Author of "City of Dreams" and "Starheart"
Laura is a highly skilled editor with the personal touch of a close friend. Her knowledge of written language and eye for detail made her invaluable to my final manuscript output, and she did it in a way that made me feel at ease every step of the way. Taking great care to walk me through all her suggested edits, she made me feel as though she cared as much about my book as I do. I can’t recommend her enough!
Pami Simpson
Author of "Something Pink"

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