Your story is complete, and you’re not looking to make any more major changes to the characters and plot. All it needs is that final polish to make sure everything makes sense, is consistent, and is grammatically sound.

When I copy and line edit I will:

  • Go through your manuscript with a fine-tooth comb, identifying any spelling, punctuation and grammar issues that need to be fixed.
  • Create and provide you with a style sheet – this can be particularly useful in fantasy, where the spelling of made-up names and capitalisation decisions are easily forgotten!
  • Keep an eye on consistency – from spelling to the colour of your character’s eyes.
  • Pay attention to some ‘big picture’ stuff, such as omissions in the story or timeline concerns. Although your manuscript is all but finished, sometimes it might help with a little tweaking here and there.
  • Watch for repetition or over-used words or phrases and suggestion alternatives when appropriate.
  • Focus on the flow of your writing, prioritising readability.

2019 RATES:

  • SA clients – R150/1000 words
  • UK clients – £9/1000 words
  • US clients – $11/1000 words


Your manuscript is closer to ready, but might still need some significant work. You need a professional eye to take a look and let you know about any major improvements that could be made.

When I work on an assessment I will:

  • Write a thorough editor letter offering in-depth feedback on any structural, pacing, characterisation and technical issues that might need some work.
  • Copy and line edit the first five thousand words, just to give you an idea of how much editing your manuscript will still require.

2019 RATES:

  • SA clients: R75/1000 words
  • UK clients: ‎£4.50/1000 words
  • US clients: $5.50/1000 words


Your story is finished, but it’s still in early draft stages. You don’t need an editor yet, just an idea of what is and isn’t working.

When I beta read I will:

  • Read through your story, taking note of moments that don’t make sense or don’t work for me as well as moments that do.
  • Return roughly one page of notes providing honest, thoughtful feedback.
  • Focus on the good as well as the bad – knowing what’s working and why is just as valuable as knowing what’s not working and why.
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